Spectacle « Les échelles de nuages »

For children at Gourin

12.02.20 - Teatr Piba - Les échelles de nuages.jpg©La Grande Boutique
  • Young audience show with Léo Guillerm & Tifenn Linéatte (play, sound effects), Guillaume Le Guern (musical and sound creation), Stéphane Lebel (lighting creation), Gwénolé Peaudecerf (sound creation, sound and light management) of Teatr Piba Company. The scales of clouds is a breeze and a dream of travel. "The story is happening in China in Beijing, in a family torn apart by the westernization of a country that has changed too fast. A night of rage, Zao Ming decides to flee the city and trains his friend Shen You. Together they will go from trial to trial, with as companions brushes and words, to say the world as it goes and as we imagine. They will meet fish with human faces, soups that are invisible to vermicelli, wavy hair that punctuates the surf, carapaces of turtles that tell the future, nothing that sways their feet in a vacuum ... and will become a poet and calligrapher. At 3 pm Single price: 5 €. From 8 years old. Duration: 50 min
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    5 €
  • On February 12, 2020 at 3:00 PM