Bats from the belfry


In Kernascléden, next to the superb church of Notre Dame, stands
« la Maison de la Chauve-souris », a place where you can discover everything you ever wanted to know about bats. Every summer the guides organise special visits to find out more about bat colonies at night.

We decided to go along and find out more for ourselves. This experience is rather out of the ordinary and offered our whole family a unique opportunity to get to know more about these strange little mammals.

We met up at la Maison de la Chauve-Souris, where we started the evening with a guided visit to the museum. The guide was very friendly, only too happy to answer our questions and debunk the myths about bats. The visit is both educational and fun, as well as being adapted to all ages.

As night fell we went outside, stood outside the church and then they arrived! The little creatures we had been waiting for since we had come, the true stars appeared in the night sky, the creatures of the night: bats!

They headed off towards the River Scorff, their hunting ground. We drove to the river’s edge, armed with torches and ultrasound detectors, we witnessed a fabulous ballet over the water. We could have watched them for hours, they dart so quickly when feasting on their prey that the insects do not stand a chance !

Unlike the poor insects, we, on the contrary, were lucky enough to have an absolutely magical evening !


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