Do you enjoy visiting parks and gardens ?

You will really enjoy your visit to Destination The Heart of Brittany – Kalon Breizh – and the wide choice of parks and gardens to visit. From the small unusual ones to the established award-winning park on the Trévarez Estate, you will have plenty to choose from when you organise your days out walking among the camellias, hydrangeas, clipped shrubs and many other plants which are part of the rich display open to visitors in Le Coeur de Bretagne, the Heart of Brittany.

The park on the estate at Trévarez

With a surface area of 85 hectares, the park at Trévarez has been designed as a screen of greenery for the castle. Classified as one of the 420 outstanding gardens in France by the Ministère de la Culture, notably for its exceptional collection of camellias, and rhododendrons, across the seasons the garden puts on a splendid display of colour and greenery which will delight plant and flower lovers. In 2016, the Trévarez Estate won a much coveted prize as a “Jardin d'Excellence” for its collection of camellias which ranks among the largest in the world.

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Contact :
Domaine de Trévarez
29520 Saint-Goazec
Tél. : 00.33.(0)2 98 26 82 79
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The worldwide tree collection in Huelgoat

The arboretum, “Les Arbres du Monde”, located in Huelgoat in the heart of Les Monts d’Arrée, is a park given over to a collection of trees and shrubs representing plant biodiversity from the world over. There are 22 hectares, exceptionally rich in diversity, made up of 3,600 trees and shrubs from four continents. Come and admire the collections which are divided into groups according to their geographical origins : European, South American, Asian and Oceanian flora and also by plant type: rhododendrons, magnolias, oaks, maples, botanical roses and apple orchards.

Contact :
Les Arbres du Monde au Huelgoat
Poërop, 29690 Huelgoat
Tél. : 00.33.(0)6 79 69 20 98
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The gardens at Grand Launay

Also awarded the title of “Jardin Remarquable” by Le Ministère de la Culture, this contemporary garden at Grand Launay is a series of displays following on from one another. Surrounding a 17th century country manor house, on rugged land, there is a vast labyrinthine garden. Everywhere, the gardens are divided into sections, brought into relief by solid features : wrought iron gates, arches, low walls, retaining walls, straight or curved railings, belvederes, painted metal or concrete, upright standing slates, schist and granite. Here and there, topiary shrubs in marked out shapes, rigid or softer forms, some simple ball shapes, some more fantastical beings, clouds here and walls there, tables and windows complete the  décor.

The park’s creator : Gaël Bouëdec.

Open from Monday to Friday from 9am until 3pm by appointment only.

Entrance fee €5. Free for children. Sorry !  No dogs allowed.

Contact :
Le Grand Launay - 22480 Lanrivain
Tél. : 00.33.(0)6 80 20 65 24

The water gardens at Kervézennec

The water gardens at Kervézennec are part of a vast estate covering 25 hectares organised around two expanses of water enabling visitors to discover a whole host of remarkable plants and shrubs, old varieties of roses, clematis, perennials among which there is an exceptional collection of aquatic plants and waterside plants.

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Phone : 00.33.(0)2 96 29 02 72