La fête de la crêpe in Gourin


For a family outing at the end of July, we headed towards Gourin for a day-long festival of the senses !

As soon as we arrived, the sweet smell of crêpes on the air made us feel hungry. You should definitely try them. You won’t be disappointed, they’re delicious !

From afar, the music of the bagadoù drifted to our ears. Bagadoù are traditional Breton marching bands, whose bombardes and Breton bagpipes ring out loudly. The music is very nice to listen to. We also stood and watched the dancers from the Cercles Celtiques, Breton folk dance groups in their traditional costumes. We could feel the presence of the soul of Brittany !

Then someone will take you by the hand and before you know, you are joining in and dancing a gavotte. The ease with which you hold hands, exchange smiles and the friendliness of the people, is amazing.

After a full day of tasty treats and new experiences that the whole family will appreciate, you will want to make a note of the date for next year.

To round off your day, go and see the exhibition of old hand tools at the Château de Tronjoly. You will be surprised by the quality of the exhibition and the volunteers will be only too happy to explain the exhibits to you.



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