Lan Bern nature reserve in Glomel

The Lan Bern Nature Reserve, Lan Bern means “a profusion of gorse” in Breton, stretches over a surface area of 120 hectares of which 30 hectares are wetlands.

What can you see in the nature reserve?

85 species of birds were counted on the site during a survey, including the Dartford warbler and the Northern Harrier, 15 species of amphibians and reptiles, like the very beautiful Alpine Newt are visible from the pathways, over 300 species of insects have been recorded as well as 112 species of moss. Besides this, the close proximity to the Nantes-Brest canal encourages otters to frequent the area as they head up the streams and ditches in the winter.

A well-maintained trail

In order to get the most out of your visit to Lan Bern, follow the footpath for 11 kilometres. Along the circuit you will see all the diversity of the natural environment of central Brittany as you walk along the pathways, banks and wooden pontoons.
Useful to know: a 1.7 kilometer pathway, there and back, flat and easy to use has been built to ease the way for pushchair use and for people with restricted mobility or wheelchair users.

Access from Coatrennec-Glomel.

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