The wetlands at Magoar Penvern in Glomel


Located in the commune of Glomel, the marshland in Magoar Penvern displays a mosaic of different habitats: moorland, low marshes, wet meadows and semi-natural tall-herb humid meadows.

This nature reserve is part of the huge area of marshland in Plouray which stretches over more than 2,000 hectares, one of the largest areas of wetlands in the centre of Brittany. You can find an exceptional diversity of small creatures living there with 323 species of invertebrates on record.

The flora of this reserve also contains some beautiful specimens, over 350 botanical species have been recorded, among which there are remarkable plants specific to wet moorland areas: oblong-leafed sundew, sphagnum moss, the floating small white flower, luronium natens and gentiana pneumoanthe.

If you enjoy rambling, then you should follow the 1.2 kilometre guided visit along the rugged paths, where you have the chance to discover the natural evolution of the marshes, the managed land, the grazed areas and the marshes flooded in winter.

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