Riding the Equibreizh way


Do you love horse-riding? Destination “The Heart of Brittany” – Kalon Breizh –  can also be visited on horseback.

For just a few hours, a day or even several days, ride out on the bridle paths of the regional hacking trail, over 2,600 kilometres in all of bridle paths enable you to trek all around Brittany on horseback.

At a walk, trot or gallop, the “Equibreizh” circuits take you through an unspoilt natural environment where you can discover the secrets of local heritage sites.

The sites are signposted specifically in orange horseshoe-shaped markings for horseback riders, ensuring that you find your way safely and easily.

 Along the way there is also accommodation specially adapted to riders and their mounts.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, do not hesitate to contact equestrian centres in the “Destination the Heart of Brittany”  if you wish to be accompanied on your ride.