Abbaye de Bon Repos


In a lush green valley close to the Nantes-Brest canal and Le Lac de Guerlédan, Bon-Repos opens  the door into your destination "Cœur de Bretagne - Kalon Breizh", the Heart of Brittany.


A stop on your journey into the centre of Brittany, you absolutely should not miss this idyllic setting and its historic ruins.

The fact that the estate at Bon Repos covers over 40 hectares shows just how important the Cistercian Abbey, which was directly connected to the Rohan family line, was.

Founded in the Middle Ages, the Abbey traversed many centuries of prosperity before encountering more difficult times. Rebuilt during the 18th Century, it fell into disrepair after the French Revolution, and was finally listed as a historic building in 1940.

Today it is the property of the Département des Côtes d’Armor and L'Abbaye de Bon Repos caters for thousands of visitors who visit the restored buildings. This magnificent setting lends itself perfectly to setting up exhibitions and showcasing many other cultural events. L’Abbaye de Bon Repos offers the public a bold, innovative and widely diversified annual programme of events: contemporary art, heritage exhibitions, both classical and contemporary music concerts, to name but a few.

Among the dates that visitors should definitely make a note of: Le Son et Lumière organised every summer which is a magnificent show shedding light on the history of the centre of Brittany.

At once both a place of abundance and creative vibrancy you cannot help but enjoy the time spent in this exceptional site in destination "Cœur de Bretagne - Kalon Breizh", the Heart of Brittany.



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