Le lac de Guerlédan

Want to visit the biggest lake in Brittany ? Then head straight for the heart of Brittany for an outing to Le Lac de Guerlédan.
Nestling in the hills of the centre of Brittany, Le Lac de Guerlédan has as much astonishing diversity as the winding lake has meanders.

304 hectares, 12 kilometres long, 40 metres at its deepest point and 52 million cubic metres of water, these are just some of the figures which will give you an idea of just how immense it is.

Since 1930 and the construction of the hydro-electric dam in Mûr de Bretagne, the Guerlédan valley was flooded to a peaceful lake.

17 locks are now under water, as well as lock houses and the intensively worked slate quarries which once stood here.

These immersed treasures are only visible when the lake is emptied, the last time being in 2015. If you missed it, you will have to wait a while if you want to be able to see it again. We don't know when the lake will be drained next but to give you an idea, before 2015 the lake was last emptied in 1985.

A paradise for those who love outdoor activities

Le lac de Guerlédan, bordered by the forest of Quénécan, is nowadays a real paradise for ramblers and nature lovers.

The lake lends itself to sporting activities, from a quiet walk with the family to a trail run with friends or water sports – there's something for everyone.

On the water in Caurel, Landroannec, Mûr-de-Bretagne or Saint Aignan, you can do any number of different leisure activities: canoeing, boating, water skiing, stand-up paddling or even tubing.

On the paths, you can cycle down the specially built tracks at full pelt on mountain bike or choose to walk round the lake on foot.

If you're not into sport then you don't have to worry. The beaches on the banks at Beau Rivage and l’Anse de Sordan  offer you and your family a relaxing time.

Lake means fishing!

The lake was restocked with different species of fish after it was drained, from 2018 on anglers will find the ideal conditions for fishing in the lake. Until then, in autumn the lake will be perhaps the most beautiful no-kill angling site in France.

Varied landscapes

Arriving from the west, you will see the wilder, more natural side of the lake. Looking from Tregnanton (Saint-Gelven), ramblers and walkers will have an exceptional view of the lake. The moorland and the gorse grow round the thick  sheets of slate and the surrounding natural environment gives the area an almost Scandinavian look.

Le Bois de Caurel, the wood in Caurel, on the northern slope, shelters old slate quarries where the workings dating back to the 19th century are still visible. From here you will get a sense of the history and heritage of the area.

The winding paths in the undergrowth will lead you to one of the most beautiful panoramic views of La Forêt de Quénécan on the south side of the lake. You can see a large wooded forest, deciduous mixed with resinous trees. The forest which stretches over 3,000 hectares, filters the magnificent light through the treetops.


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