Guéméné andouille


Guéméné andouille sausage is without doubt the star of Breton sausages—something  our local producers would not deny.  They put their hearts and their know-how into providing you with this  tasty treat.

Careful ! You may think you know the taste of Guéméné andouille as it can be found all over France but did you know that in order to taste the genuine article it has to have been bought in the Petite Cité de Caractère de Guémené-sur-Scorff ?

The chances are that you have tasted a sausage produced in the same way as Guéméné andouille, with its concentric circles when sliced.

You should be aware that to attain our producers’ high quality, real skill and know-how which is part of their heritage is required, as well as a respect for tradition and a considerable number of weeks of work.

Several stages are necessary to produce a really tasty home-made quality product:

  • Salting and selecting the natural sausages skins
  • Stringing and carefully removing the grease from the skins
  • Traditional smoking over beech wood fires
  • Drying for several weeks
  • Cooking

When all these procedures have been carried out respecting the traditional methods, only then can you taste the genuine Guéméné andouille sausage.

Guéméné andouille can be eaten cold, thinly sliced or sliced more thickly accompanied by hot mashed potato. It goes very well with a Durum wheat pancake and with fish or seafood, for example scallops. In a meat loaf, cupcake or savoury cookies, whatever is to your liking, you simply have to let your imagination guide you.

One last piece of advice so that you can really enjoy the full taste of this excellent treat, it should be eaten in good company with drinks or a crêpe party with friends.

With the taste of Guéméné andouille on your tongue, you will taste of the best of Brittany.

Every year at the end of August in Guémené-sur-Scorff a whole day is given over to celebrating this great sausage, the star of Breton gastronomy.