On the trail of the flax trade

On La Route du Lin, the trail of the flax trade, in the heart of Brittany, two particular sites will tell you the amazing story of the weaving of flax into magnificent linen fabrics known as “Les Bretagnes”. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, these luxury linen fabrics were exported via Saint-Malo to Cadiz. From there they headed towards the Spanish colonies in Latin America, making many people extremely rich along the way.


La Maison des Toiles in Saint Thélo


La Maison des Toiles, located in the former dwelling of a linen merchant dating back to 1715, unveils the story of this small blue flower and the fascinating story of a natural fibre which transformed the lives of a whole population.
Presentations, audiovisual exhibitions, discovery trails and trail games for children will teach you both about the weavers and the traders in these Breton fabrics.

In addition to the discovery centre, there’s a 100% linen shop, where you can buy seeds, textiles cosmetics and books.


Contact :
Maison des toiles
Bourg – 22460 SAINT-THELO
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- Email: routedulin@wanadoo.fr
- Website: www.laroutedulin.com

The weavers’ workshop in Uzel

Located in “les Murettes” a house, formerly a traders’ and weavers’ house, the workshop at the Musée du tissage, the weavers’ museum, evokes the history of the renaissance in the linen craft at the end of the 19th century set up by three self-employed weavers from Uzel.

The Léauté-Planeix (1872-1996) workshop housed the first workshop, where talented weavers managed to innovate to compete with competition from industrial weaving. Many artists, like Jeanne Malivel (1895–1926), who was the Breton designer and illustrator who inspired the Breton nationalist art movement “Ar Seiz Breur”, have lent their craft to creating pieces. There are two looms on show in the workshop, a classic loom and a Jacquard loom, which was revolutionary for the time in Brittany.

To round off your visit, there are several video presentations you can watch, follow the discovery trail and visit the exhibitions.



Atelier du Tissage à Uzel
Bourg – 22460 UZEL
-  Phone: +
- Email: routedulin@wanadoo.fr
- Website: www.laroutedulin.com