Pays des Rohan

Well before it became the commune of Rohan, the place known as Roc'han, saw the foundation of a line of lords and masters who adopted the name of the place where they lived. Two centuries later, Pontivy became the seat of their viscountcy and later the seat of their duchy. Both political and military strategists, the Rohan family were also great builders, their chapels, manor houses, castles and palaces have left their mark not only on the architectural heritage of Brittany, but also Bordeaux

Nine gold macles and precious stones / stones on their coat of arms

The coat of arms of the lords of Rohan is red dotted with gold lozenges, known as macles in heraldry.  If you seek out these gold lozenges, your search will lead you on the trail of wonders that the Rohan family bequeathed to Brittany. Abbeys, castles, manor houses and chapels, every edifice that they commissioned bears this symbol.

The macles are crystals found in block of schist stone near les Forges des Salles and l’Abbaye de Bon-Repos.

If you listen carefully, you will hear the clink of the swords of the knights of Rohan near l’Abbaye de Bon-Repos. The fortress of Viscount Jean II of Rohan, the charming pedestrian streets as well as the basilica at Notre Dame de Joie are all part of the history of the Rohan family.

Castle Rohan in Pontivy

At the end of the Middle Ages, Jean II de Rohan had a huge military fortress built overlooking the town. The castle was intended to be a prestigious dwelling in keeping with the renown of the Rohan family.

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