Painting : Paul Sérusier

Paul Sérusier, born in Paris in 1864, came upon the village of Châteauneuf du Faou in 1893. 
At thE time, the tip of Brittany was untouched by the modern world and became a place of inspiration, a haven for artistic creation and an escape for artists.

Sérusier stayed in Pont-Aven where he met Emile Bernard and Paul Gauguin, under whose influence Sérusier painted “Le Talisman”, a work which became the emblem of the Nabis, the group of Parisian painters. From 1891 onwards, Sérusier forsook Pont-Aven and Le Pouldu for the Breton hinterland.

This magnificent site which is Châteauneuf… autumn is radiant, the different variations in colour absolutely splendid, the wooded hillsides overlooking the serpentine canal, silently wending its way through the depths of the valley…

Maurice Denis (1870-1943)

After frequent stays in the region, he decided to build a house, choosing the site at “Duchenn Glaz”

And he eventually set up home there in 1906.

Paul Sérusier, a mystical artist, a scholar, with degrees in science and letters, considered painting as part of his intellectual journey. Sérusier mixed art, science, religion and literature in his work. He drew on panoramic views of Pontadig, the landscapes of Les Montagnes Noires, local life, mythology and religious art. He was always very involved in village life and in 1914 he began a monumental work, a mural representing scenes of the life of Christ, in the baptistery in the church of Saint Julien.

To find out more about Paul Sérusier and his work, you only have to follow the trail of the eight easels which is dedicated to him. This permanent tour can be visited all year round and there’s a brochure available at la Mairie, the local town hall or you can pick one up at the tourist office.

The town of Châteauneuf-du-Faou still inspires many artists. Painting exhibitions and competitions are part of the pattern of life in the centre of Finistère. The town is proud to have been the adopted home of this great, internationally-renowned artist, whose works are exhibited in some of the greatest galleries in the world.