Learning to make crêpes at Ty Laz



I don’t know how to make crêpes! But I’m in luck because just a few kilometers from home Véro gives classes : “Ateliers crêpes”.                    

For several years now, Véronique, an experienced “crêpière”, has been sharing her know-how at her friend Martine’s in Laz.

This March, I went to find out about Véro’s crêpe-making classes. Sitting round drinking coffee, there are seven of us. Yep ! Only women !  Each of us talks about her experience and shares her reasons for coming.

The feeling of apprehension is somewhat lightened by our chit-chat, the class began. As the morning went on, smiling, Véro shared her grandmothers’ secrets with us.

Aprons on, we got stuck in to the practical side, I mixed the batter ingredients which were laid out on the table and, once mixed, left to stand for a while. Then the long-awaited moment arrived: there I stood before the indomitable “bilig” or griddle. I was a bit hesitant at first,   then I decided to go for it: I poured out a ladle of batter, I picked up the “rozell” (the wooden spatula) and turned my hand to execute the famous circular gesture, making an almost perfect circle. Thanks for the tip Véro! Shhh! Don't give it away! You'll have to come to classes to find out.

I was enjoying this ! I turned out crêpes, one after the other, buck wheat and soft wheat! Quite an achievement, what an achievementt ! I can now make crêpes for all my friends and family.

But I’ll have to leave you as they’re waiting for me for a tasting session and my appetite has been whetted !

Thinking about it though, the main ingredient of these classes is good humour !