Here we are in Châteauneuf-du-Faou, a village nestling on the banks of the River Aulne, idyllic in its quiet, lush green environment. A barge chugs along the canal which is overlooked by the chapel Notre Dame des Portes. You can clearly see the Château de Trévarez which is only a few minutes away. Then suddenly, in the middle of the green leafiness, joyful melodies and rhythms reach your ears and along the water’s edge you can see tents, stands and nearby some dancers and artists having a great time.

With a programme in one hand so we don’t miss anything during this wonderful weekend, we are blown away by the explosion of music. The atmosphere is festive, very different from what you might expect at a traditional jazz festival. With swing and New Orleans jazz playing, it’s time for all those who’ve got itchy feet to get up and dance. As you wander from one stage to another, wherever you go, music follows you. The bucolic setting with its off the wall, brightly-coloured décor never ceases to amaze. We sit down in a vintage-style salon on the grass in the shade of a willow tree and in less than a minute, we are up on our feet dancing with the rest of the crowd to the melodies of the greatest jazz stars in the world.

We discovered a lot of musicians we hadn't heard of because the accent had been placed on young musicians and groups like Agathe Iracema or the Americans Frog & Henry. Artists come to Fest’Jazz from the four corners of the earth : USA, Sweden, Brazil, England and many other countries. They come and bring their swing and their phenomenal energy to Brittany. The public hails from all over and is of all ages. You find yourself immersed in a cultural mix, amidst the dancers, the festival goers and fringe acts. Works of art, jugglers, a fringe festival in the town and concerts in the wonderful Château de Trévarez. You can’t possibly get to see everything but there’s no way you can ever complain about being bored. When you leave, you leave revitalised and cheerful, with your head full of fantastic memories, along with feeling that you have just lived through one of the jazziest experiences you’re likely ever to have.


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