Art in the chapels


Every summer “Art dans les Chapelles” invites artists to open a conversation with the architecture of the chapels which are dotted along the valley of the River Blavet and the area around Pontivy in the centre of Brittany. The artists take over the chapels and offer the public a dual invitation, one to discover the contemporary artistic creation and the second to take a fresh look at local heritage.

Each work is specifically conceived to be exhibited in the chapel attributed to the artist. A production each artist is given a bursary to create unique work in situ.

Whether they draw on the architectural qualities of the place or play with the space and the light, the pieces are always conceived with the idea of confronting the artist’s point of view with the space that houses the work.

The presentation gives the artists the opportunity to establish strong links between contemporary artistic creation and an exceptional heritage. “Art dans les Chapelles” has invited contemporary artists to converse with the religious heritage in the valley of the River Blavet and the area around Pontivy for twenty-five years. Three clearly signposted circuits lead visitors along a trail linking the countryside to the chapel, contemporary painting to polychrome painting and religious architecture to contemporary sculpture, hence the dual invitation to discover the artistic creation of our own time, and the chance to take a fresh look at our heritage.


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