La Maison Cornec and the Écomusée des Monts d’Arrée

In the heart of Les Monts d’Arrée, not far from the peat bog of Yeun Elez in the village of Saint Rivoal, stands the house of Sire Yvon Cornec, known locally as “La Maison Cornec”. 
The house has stood in the same bocage, an environment which has remained virtually unchanged since the 18th century. Here you will discover a remarkable dwelling dating back to 1702, with a wing of the house at the front, known as an apotéis and a staircase covered by a canopy roof which is typical of the houses of the wealthy of that time in the Monts d’Arrée.

This rich peasant dwelling was built in the heart of the farm with stables, barns and bread ovens. A collection of 18th century furniture from the Saint Rivoal area was brought together, recreating the authentic interior of the house, where people lived under the same roof as their animals.

The house known as “La maison Bothorel"

The house known as “La maison Bothorel” after the two brothers who were its last occupants, was probably the house belonging to the father of Sire Yvon Cornec, Hiérosme Cornec. A deliberate choice was made to recreate the interior of the house in the style of the 50s and 60s, as the period was marked by major changes: the supply of running water, from 1958 to 1960 and electricity which came to the village in 1947-1948.

The setting will enable you to imagine the living conditions of a peasant family in the 18th century and to understand the preoccupations and essentials of these families until the 19th century.

A place to meet and talk

La Maison Cornec is a place to meet people and to talk. In partnership with the non-profit organisation « Terres d’Arrée – Bro an Are » and the Centre d'Initiative pour Valoriser l'Agriculture et le Milieu Rural, a rural development association, during the summer, guides, volunteers from the Ecomusée and local producers and farmers organise “les Vendredis Paysans”, talks and workshops about moving to and living in a rural area.

Witnesses to the past of the inhabitants of Les Monts d’Arrée, the sites run by L’Ecomusée are also preserved for the richness of their flora and fauna. Traditional farming practices are used to manage the outdoor areas. Visitors can see the rustic animals used to maintain the site and preserve the wild plants.

If you feel like a walk then continue your visit with a stroll in the cider apple orchards behind the house.

La Maison cornec is open from 4th July until the 2nd September every day from 11am until 1pm and from 2pm until 7pm.
Entrance to the site at the local country grocery store Bro an Are next to the house.
The ticket office closes an hour before the site.
Entrance is free visitors but visitors are asked to make a contribution to the maintenance of the site.
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