The breton language

Your stay in the heart of Brittany will enable you to immerse yourself in Breton culture and also to learn more about the language.
That’s right! In this region we speak Breton!

A brief history

Breton is truly a language and not a dialect. Breton is a Celtic language which has been spoken for over 1,500 years and like other languages, Breton has evolved over the centuries.

Does everyone speak the same Breton ?

The short answer to that is… No!
There are four main dialects: Cornouaillais, Léonard, Trégorrois and Vannetais. East of the line from St Brieuc in the north, to Vannes in the south, Gallo is spoken.

Learning Breton

Young or not so young, there’s no age for learning Breton. Children can learn the language either at school in a Breton speaking-school, Diwan, which offers total immersion. Or via a bilingual education in both state and private schools. There are some 13,000 children in Brittany today who are in schools where there is a bilingual French-Breton class.
As far as adults are concerned, every year 3,000 people learn Breton, whether at evening classes or on intensive language courses.

Get to know the language

As part of your trip to “Destination Coeur de Bretagne” you will have the opportunity to get to know more about the Breton language. Open your eyes and read the road signs, the signs on the tourist routes and official information, it is often in both French and Breton.
Listen carefully too, on the markets and in the cafés as it’s more than likely you will hear Breton spoken.