The Valley of the Blavet

© Alexandre Lamoureux

A green oasis and an area of unspoilt natural beauty in The Heart of Brittany, the valley of the Blavet River, is a perfect place to visit for nature lovers who prefer wild, undisturbed natural beauty.

If you follow the river along the valley, you will come upon real gems of local heritage like La Chapelle Saint Gildas de Bieuzy, built in a dip in a rock and the lock keepers’ houses which stand as witnesses to the River Blavet's trading past.

The valley of the River Blavet is a paradise for walkers and ideal for leisure activities.

An excellent area for walking, the valley of the River Blavet has many signposted circuits for walking or hiking, cycling or horse-riding.

Every summer, during the festival “Art dans les Chapelles”, many churches and chapels along the valley exhibit work by contemporary artists. This is a chance for visitors to discover unique sites showcased by original, ephemeral works.

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