The homing card - The postcard museum

A unique museum, listed as “Un Musée de France”.

A witness to both history with a capital H and anecdotal history, the postcard has withstood the test of time and is a reflection of a certain epoch in society.

This small homing card lets you take another look at Brittany through a contemporary interactive museography. An absolute must is the 3-D presentation of the 1900s, the photographic studio, an interactive item on the Grim Reaper – l’Ankou, in Breton  ̶  the various correspondence exchanged. The life of Breton people is revealed in this small cardboard missive and an immersion in a world of superstition.

A trip through Brittany ̶  on both sides.

With a huge collection of several thousand postcards dating from 1872 to the present day, at the postcard museum discover the family in Brittany in the 1900s through the eyes of the photographers and the thousands of cards sent. When you see and read the postcards you will find out all you need to know about the life of Breton people in the past. When you have visited the museum once, be sure to come back again! It's worth a second visit!

All the collections which are part of the permanent exhibition: the selection of postcards, sketches and objects on display are renewed each year in January. In 2018 come and discover the display: “A table, les Bretons !”, Sit down to eat.

Contact :
Le Carton Voyageur
Le Quatro  ̶  3 avenue Jean Moulin  ̶  56150 BAUD
Phone: 00 33 (0)2 97 51 15 14
Open to the public from Tuesday till Sunday from  1st February until 31st December.
Closed in January.
Tarifs : 
Entrance: Adult : € 5(+18 ans)
Reduced price : € 4 students and jobseekers
Children : €2.50 (plus de 8 ans)
Free for children under 8.
Group rates upon request.